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Starburst Power Energy

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How to mix Starburst Power

It’s easy to make fresh and delicious energy drinks with Starburst Power™ Energy Concentrate. All you need is Starburst Power,™ ice, and soda water.

Use 1.5 oz of Starburst Power™ for a 16 oz beverage, 2 oz of Starburst Power™ for a 20 oz beverage, and 3 oz of Starburst Power™for a 32 oz beverage.

1) Add desired amount of Starburst Power™ Energy Concentrate.

2) Fill cup to the top with ice.

3) Top off with soda water.

4) Stir and serve!

Enjoy Starburst Power™ as a sparkling energy drink, or get creative and blend your own signature drinks.


With starburst I find that you don't have that crash. Flavors are delicious, everybody loves it and our customers are happy.


"Was drinking it from my local coffee shop and purchased some to cut down costs. Lost weight while drinking it as well."


Starburst Power Energy has been a lifesaver while juggling school and work. The best afternoon pick me up!