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Pink Starburst Energy Concentrate
Pink Starburst Energy Concentrate

Pink Starburst Energy Concentrate

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Pump Not Included, Please Buy Separately If Needed.


Starburst Power is a healthier, more natural energy drink concentrate.

Produced in the Pacific Northwest and shipped to us within 24 hours of packaging, making it the freshest energy drink ever!

As a locally owned brand, we can afford to use only premium ingredients while still offer you the best price: only 1/3 the cost of the market leading brand!

Available in 6 flavors: Pink Starburst & Sugar-free Pink Starburst - floral aroma; Blue Starburst & Sugar-free Blue Starburst - fruity burst; Red Starburst & Sugar-free Red Starburst - taste profile of Red Bull with superior energy results.


    With a new and improved formula, Starburst Power gives you the maximum energy blast and a mouth-watering taste.

    We use natural coloring in the Red, Pink and Sugar Free, and we DO NOT use aspartame or any synthetic flavors in all Starbursts.

    Each concentrate jug yields 46 / 8.4oz cans and sits right on your counter top with an optional pump - highly efficient and saves huge storage space.

    Features natural caffeine from arabica coffee beans, lotus leaves, rhodiola rosea and pure cane sugar. Lotus leaves offer additional health benefits over the flowers: cutting stress, boosting mood, lowing blood sugar and helping with weight loss.


    - 1 jug = 1/2 gallon / 64oz / 1.89L
    - 1 + 5 mix (1 part concentrate + 5 parts soda water)
    - Each jug creates 3gal finished energy drink,
      equaling 46 / 8.4oz Energy Cans
    - 79.3 mg caffeine & 110 calories per 8 fl oz serving
    Not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women, and persons sensitive to caffeine.