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Tiki Breeze - Lavender Energy Concentrate
Tiki Breeze - Lavender Energy Concentrate

Tiki Breeze - Lavender Energy Concentrate

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NEW Tiki Breeze Tropical Lavender Energy features a unique blend of lavender extract, super berries such as elderberries, blueberries and blackberries and various plant botanicals that merries well into a profile you are sure to love! We use natural caffeine from arabica coffee and have incorporated  the calming, health benefits of Lavender Extract, Rhodiola Rosea, and Lotus leaf & flowers for an even more effective energy boost that will help sharpen your mind and calmly breeze through your day! 


Available in 2L 67.63 fl oz bottles and mixes perfectly with 5 parts of water to 1 part of concentrate. Each 2L bottle produces 48 8.4 oz energy cans


Tiki Breeze is back with the first ever Lavender Energy concentrate featuring a unique blend of Lavender extract, a variety of super berries, natural caffeine from Arabica coffee and the same healthy  botanicals found in our existing energy concentrates for a tasty profile you are sure to love! 


Treat your senses to the calming and energizing profile of the all new Tiki Breeze Lavender Energy Concentrate to help breeze through your day!

Available in 2L/67.63 fl oz jugs

Equals 48 = 8.4 fl oz energy drink cans