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Tiki Breeze - Red Energy Concentrate

Tiki Breeze - Red Energy Concentrate

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    **NEW 2L Bottles - Now with 5.6% more Product!
    • Product Description

      Delight your customers with the sensational, mouth-watering Tiki Breeze Red Energy Concentrate!

    • Caffeine?

    Our energy concentrates contain approximately 80mg of caffeine per 8 oz serving. For further questions, please see our our disclaimer in the footer.

    Super Premium Red Bull Flavor Profile with a smooth finish

    2 liter bottle: 67.63 ounces – 5.6% more product per bottle.

    Natural Caffeine from Arabica Coffee, Natural Flavors, Natural Color, Pure Cane

    Sugar, B-Vitamins (2,3,5,6,12), Taurine and Plant Botanicals (Lotus Leaf and

    Flower Extract), Rhodiola Rosea Extract) for Long Lasting healthier Energy

    Each 2 liter Bottle, when mixed 1 part Concentrate with 5 parts soda water or

    Water, makes forty eight – 8.4 ounce drinks.

    Cost less than ½ the price of the leading energy brand