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Tiki Breeze - Super Blend
Tiki Breeze - Super Blend

Tiki Breeze - Super Blend

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Tiki Breeze Super Blend allows you to craft any blended drink to perfection. It features a flavor-neutral  profile that is versatile enough for both frappes and smoothies without compromising flavor!


Why Tiki Breeze Super Blend?


We at Tiki Breeze are always looking to meet the demands for the growing beverage market; so we developed a clean blending base to enhance the versatility of all Tiki Breeze products. It is also designed to blend harmoniously with other products too! Tiki Breeze Super Blend allows for a better blended drink experience with a simple goal: Cleaner And More Natural Beverages.


Tiki Breeze Super Blend Features: 


• Natural Ingredients
• Dairy Free
• Gluten Free
• GMO Free
• Vegan
• No Trans Fats

• Sweetened with Cane Sugar

• No Artificial Flavors

• Shelf-Stable

• Even More Product per 2L Jug


Available in 2L / 67.63 fl oz jugs


Portion Pump Sold Seperately.