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Tiki Breeze Syrup - Sugar Free Peach
Tiki Breeze Syrup - Sugar Free Peach
Tiki Breeze Syrup - Sugar Free Peach

Tiki Breeze Syrup - Sugar Free Peach

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Enjoy the sweet, succulent flavor of peaches without the calories using Tiki Breeze Sugar Free Peach Syrup! It is made with natural ingredients and a refreshing complement to beverages like Iced Teas, cocktails, Italian Sodas, Energy Spritzers, smoothies, or even baked goods! It is crafted to enhance beverages crafted using Tiki Breeze: Tropical Energy Concentrates, and Tropical Fusions to produce the best tasting Energy Drinks and Sodas in the market.


Why use Tiki Breeze Premium Syrups?

  • Comes in at 950 mL (32 fl oz) per bottle – 27% more syrup than most brands.
  • Barista tested and approved! We’ve worked with Baristas to develop a premium flavor profile that exceeds their expectations.
  • Barista Friendly – a unique color coded label was designed for easily identifying flavors.
  • A greener alternative – every 4 bottles saves 1 bottle in garbage and inventory space of a standard 25.4 fl oz bottle.
  • Innovation – We are continuously developing more flavors to add to our wide range of popular and exotic syrups that meet our customer’s expectations and beyond.
  • Easy integration to bar setup – bottles fit in existing syrup racks.
  • Crafted to pair with Tiki Breeze Tropical Energy drinks and Tropical Fusions for the best tasting energy drinks and sodas in the market.